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PDQ 44 Antares

Why is PDQ the best available production catamaran? First, she will sail at just about wind speed in light wind. Second, her bridge deck clearance is far superior to other manufacturers, giving her a smooth, slap free, ride in most sea conditions. Third, she has incredible amount of headroom and yacht feel with the interior built with lightweight honeycomb with wood overlay.

Finally, unlike most production catamarans, she has engines placed mid-ship for stability with very reliable straight shafts driving her props (not in-water saildrives).

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2 Reviews of the PDQ 44 Antares

  1. pipkin says:

    The Antares 44 and before it the Antares 42 continue the same PDQ tradition of well engineered and crafted cruising yachts of a design that pays equal attention to sailing performance, sturdy construction, and living comfort. As with all PDQs, this catamaran is conceived primarily for serious family cruising rather than for charter, as is clear from the internal layout -for instance there is but one heads compartment. The saloon has seating for eight around the dining table, a forward looking navigation station and panoramic-view windows. The freeboard is high to incorprate a high bridgedeck clearance to minimise wave slap, and reduce the height of the “step down” into the hulls. This allows those in the galley and saloon to maintain a feeling of togetherness.

  2. vienna says:

    Key factors for me and my wife to purchase the Antares vs any other cat were:

    — Fit and finish. The joinery work. The Antares is exceptional in their quality. No plastic laminated wood, no squeaky floors, just solid/light (sandwich wood) construction.

    — Galley down/Kitchen. The kitchen is excellent, tons of storage, and still visible to main guest in the living space. Best layout IMO for the boat size.

    — Working lines organized in cockpit. The simplicity of managing the boat easily from one space, while keeping the deck clean and clear of lines.

    — Glass dodger. In bad weather, this is a plus while still have adequate ventilation.

    — Safety features. Sealed crush points, enclosed cockpit, etc, etc.

    — Performance. While not the fastest cat around, good performance for a cruising cat. Similar size in Lagoon as an example — the Antares has better performance. Probably not a big difference compared to Leopard.